#1 The unexpected declaration to end the audition!?

The world-renowned YOSHIKI is producing a group that breaks the mold - going "global" in mind.

"Nowadays, the group is divided like rock group or dance group, but in my view, they can exist as one. A new type of group, say, YOSHIKI style or Y-style – an "unruly style."

Applicants are not only from Japan but also from the world. And the first step was for YOSHIKI to go through the videos. YOSHIKI speaks passionately, "Dreams are not for dreaming but to make them come true."

Six months have passed since the start of the audition.
Twenty clueless candidates were gathered.
Then, a surprising statement follows:
"The audition ends today." "You all have passed."
A shocking truth – did all 20 candidates pass?!
From now on, the successful candidates will be announced each time.
And the first person was notified. Who will that be?