#5 I apologize from the beginning

YOSHIKI is producing a group that breaks the mold - going "global" in mind.
Karuma applied as a vocalist. He is a super popular host in Kabukicho. He earns 10 million yen a month but tries to become an artist, which was always his wish. So how did YOSHIKI evaluate Karuma, who had never had any vocal lessons and had been doing karaoke for 21 years?

YOSHI appeared on stage with a strong personality, saying, "What am I supposed to be saying?" YOSHI appeared wearing sunglasses, and dancer TAKAHIRO, one of the judges, asked, " About your sunglasses, are you going to keep wearing them like it's your thing? Can you take off your sunglasses now?" making a solid comment.

And YOSHIKI then announced that the successful candidates would be divided into two teams: Team A, which is close to its debut, and Team B, which still needs to be qualified.