#7 YOSHI – we will never forget this rock star

On November 5, the successful band vocalist YOSHI passed away in a traffic accident.
He was 19 years old, too soon to say goodbye.
YOSHI was praised by YOSHIKI as "having the heart of a rock star," and in this episode, we introduce the story of YOSHI's improvement he showed during the audition and the effort he offered to make his debut in the last two months of his life.
When YOSHIKI heard YOSHI's voice for the first time in May this year, he praised, "You're wonderful! You know you are a star, don't you?" YOSHIKI recognized his talent from the first time they met.
The band then went to Los Angeles for a training camp and performed the first song they had written in front of YOSHIKI. The last song YOSHI sang on stage was indeed the cry of his soul.