#13 We’re doing our best on the ground

"I'm here to make his dream come true."

Did the performance of the soul reach YOSHI in heaven?

At the end of 2022, YOSHIKI, dancers TAKAHIRO and kazuki (s**tkingz), and unprecedented!! - members currently participating in the audition appeared in NTV's special music program, "Announcing the most listened songs of the year - Annual music award 2022."

They were trying to create a one-night-only dedicated stage.

Behind the scenes, YOSHIKI was arranging the songs until the very last minute.
"I thought this stage was like risking my life, but I had so many thoughts for YOSHI and could not give up. And this is how I'd like to express my sincere condolences."

Only a few hours left until the live broadcast…
The show, which unified the feelings of YOSHIKI and each one of the participating members, was about to begin.

This documentary reveals the 6 days of their desperate challenge.